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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Taking a Break

Have you ever had days where things seem to go wrong, things break, communications don´t turn out clear and good, maybe even friends fall terminally ill? It all seems so overwhelming. Going about regular business can start to seem surrealistic. What does it matter to have a cookie dough spatulas in 7 different colors available at the store? The contrast between the superficial and the important things gets too much, the sense in everything is not visible. I sometimes find myself in that situation speeding up, trying to get things done, more things done, get them done better and faster...... STOP!! If I don´t stop myself at this point, life will do it for me. The longer I keep going, the bigger the signs get that I can simply take a break. It is okay to just give in and not be productive for a moment, to seize the moment and just stare into the air and let whatever races around inside in terms of thoughts and feeling just race around in circles until it starts to settle by itself.

Time simply stands still sometimes, all we can do is wait along with time itself and let happen whatever wants to happen. Tears? Fine. Walk on the beach? Great. Write in a journal? Do it. Whatever wants to come forth, is perfect in this moment. It will most likely be something out of the ordinary routine. Just let it be. The soul heals itself. Just give it room and time to do it.

All there is to do is wait. Wait for things get back into perspective, back in order. Wait for the meaning of it all to reappear. It is part of being human. Not an easy or particularly desired, but very endearing. Almost always there is a deeper connection with it all that comes forth, a strengthened sense of purpose, of calling that reveals itself.

It is worth inviting the silence in in order to take a break from everyday life and just let time stand still....

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