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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

New Year´s Resolutions: Down to the Habits

In my latest column of the Presidio Sentinel ( I wrote about the importance of and myths around habits. Below you will find steps to make a habit change a breeze and success:
There is no way around it: In order to change a habit successfully, it needs to be a priority. Setting our mind to something and making that something come true because we are backing up our own decisions is one of the most wonderful experiences in life. It is very empowering and gives us faith in our own abilities and possibilities.

The next important ingredient to incorporating successful habits (or habits successfully) is to make room for general habit maintenance in our lives. Once we decided which habit we would like to incorporate, it takes a while for it to become a habit. During that phase we are generally aware of it and know what is going on. But once we have a habit established, it is well worth it to check in on a regular basis and see how it is going. Habits left unnoticed slip slowly, just below the radar of the daily grind business. I find the time after returning from a vacation particularly precious for checking in with habits. Then it is easy not to pick up some habits that we find undesirable, and we can consciously start up the ones we would like. The end of the year is another favorable time for that activity, when things slow down. The new year is not quite here yet, and the change into a new year makes it the perfect time to leave behind what is no longer needed or desired and to invite in the habits we want to embrace.

It takes boldness and courage to start up new habits. Enjoy being bold and courageous, and success will follow.

When implementing new habits, we need to be adventurous, inquisitive, curious, playful and forgiving. It is a path not yet traveled, so new situations will appear and are best met with the above traits.

During the time of a habit change, but also for life in general, it is most promising to be willing to be honest about what is going on, be aware of contributing factors and be present.

All of these steps make habit change and a conscious life design much fun and rewarding. Please remember, when you are dreading it, trying to squirm out of it or looking for excuses, it is not the way to go. Much rather than that, decide fully conscious to keep the status quo, quit complaining about it and carry out the undesirable habit proudly, until ready for true change. That way, the self does not get undermined and weakened and once the time is right, major shifts and changes are possible.

Wishing you much fun and changes beyond your wildest dreams. Life is a big adventure.

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