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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I Create My Own Reality

A new take on the glass half full, half empty dispute. The good news is, if you are able to read this, the glass is really 98 % full. This is certainly no "Think Positive" and rose colored glasses approach, it is a matter of focus.
Okay, there it is. Being a Life Coach, I finally write about some wonderful tools that address the reality. Or is there such a thing as ONE reality? Any police man who has ever interviewed 2 or more witnesses of a simple accident will say the same - every person saw something different. How about this bold statement from the constructivists amongst the psychologists (Watzlawick et al.): There exist as many realities as there are people. I LOVE this statement, because it validates everybody´s most personal experience and reminds me of the fact that we all are "wearing glasses" of different colors, through which we filter and see OUR world. To mention an often used example - the glass half full and half empty scenario. So much in life is truly left to our own interpretation. So, how about this: If you read this, you are most likely in a fairly good position in life: somehow you have access to the internet (not to mention clean water, enough food, probably a place to lay your head at night and maybe some friends and family) and have at least enough free space in your head in order to read this blog. CONGRATULATIONS! I would say, you are amongst the elite of this world. And yet, it might just as well be that something is bugging you and your day - or maybe your month, or this year, or even more, have not been the greatest. What if you even wonder what this is all for and don´t see much of any good anywhere? Well, I would say, given the numbers of people who are depressed, stressed, unhealthy, lonely,....... in the industrialized country (the creme de la creme from a life standard perspective) it is quite likely that you are not having the best time of your life.

But here it is: 98 % or more are currently working in your life. What happened is that we got so conditioned and socialized in looking for those 2 % that aren´t working. And once we found what is not working, we zoom in on it and suddenly it looks like it is all there is: EVERYTHING is going wrong, NOTHING is working. And the things that are working (e.g. food, friends, memory intact, body intact,...) are taken for granted. It is considered to be the least that we can expect. I invite to think again: What if we concentrated on ALL the things that ARE WORKING, got filled up with a good feeling and gratitude for it. Our posture straightens, our heart leaps, maybe a smile dances across our face. Wow! My world has just changed. I no longer am hooked on the little percentage that is not working, I am actually filled with a clear head so I can see the next steps in order to bring me forward, wherever it was I was heading towards. Naturally I will take care of things if I felt it served me well and I never even had to SPEAK, THINK, BE the word PROBLEM. I stop for a moment and think about which reality I want to encounter on a daily basis: If I can create my own reality, I´d rather have the best one I can imagine.

Thus I invite you, the curious reader, to get out of your same old - same old environment, without physically having to move an inch and to be ready to get surprised and amazed about your own world that you live in.