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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Season of Giving

Thanksgiving is the start of a special time of the year. It is also the Grande Finale of the calendar year. The cycle of nature also comes to a close. It all peaks in Christmas, Hannukah or Return of the Light festivals at the End of December. What a great vibe in the air. Did you know that giving brings the biggest rewards for yourself?

I love this time very much. For a little over a 12th out of the year, media finally seems to bring the right message: share, give, be generous, enjoy, rejoice, be grateful, give thanks. Sure, it is done in a media way, which is commercials, coaxing us to buy and splurge and spend.... Yet, the bottom line is joyous. For once we get a break in focusing in on sensationalized media reporting. We get to see sparkles, lights, colors, cheers. The general tone everywhere is festive and upbeat. People think about others, about sharing and bringing a smile on somebody else´s face. It might even be a stranger that gets unexpected help and generous donations.

A miraculous thing happens to me: I watch others and wonder what their heart´s desire might be, I give and.... I am magically rewarded. My own worries cease to exist, I sense a deep connection with people in general, there is companionship and mutual help, it makes any loneliness go away. When I share my resources with someone in need, I feel more blessed and abundant than before.

I find sharing and giving a great exercise in order to get out of a scarcity mindset. That mindset can plague any person not just literally poor people. Many millionaires a haunted by it. I say haunted, for it is a true burden, very life negating. The cure is not to save up more - that feeds the scarcity mindset even more. The cure is to let go, to give, to share and to receive the healing experience that it is okay that there is enough. Immediately there is a big sigh of relief: Save. No more worries, no more feeling confined and financially threatened.

That is one of the reasons why I love this season of sharing: I find giving to be a necessary self-care exercise that rewards myself the most.

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