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Saturday, April 16, 2011

May Brings Abundance and Possibilities

The month of May is named after the Greek Goddess Maia. It is the time when flowers appear and crops emerge. It is a great time of traditions and celebrations. I remember, in my childhood in Austria, dancing around the May pole with colorful ribbons, in the traditional Dirndl dress. These days in ever sunny San Diego, I don´t notice all that much about the joy of nature´s return and new start or its growth cycle. Some of it is also the anonymity that comes with life in a city, and some of it is that I am pretty busy these days with my business, house, garden, marriage.... Many things want to be tended to and taken care of, whether it is December May or August.

Yet, traditions and festivities are what breaks the routine of daily life and brings color. It is certainly worth it to put in some effort and decorate the house, wear something special, celebrate the occasion on hand.

It can be like a holiday away from home, except it happens at home and is a holiday away from the daily grind. I have learned to recognize the benefit of a time out, when my husband and I were living in Europe and California almost evenly distributed. We found ourselves missing the beach while being in Vienna and missing the rich and traditional culture when being in San Diego. Well, it became clear rather quickly that there was something wrong with that picture. We transitioned into making it a point to enjoy whatever we had in front of us. We learned to actually enjoy our current city like a tourist would. It is amazing, how much more ease and relaxation that approach added to our life.

Another wonderful benefit came from returning with a "new set of eyes", after having been away for a while. This resulted in a "reset" in patterns and behaviors at every fresh start. Amazing. This is when I realized, how much power we have and how we truly are all able to design our lives in a conscious way. This got me inspired to get trained as a life coach on top of my psychology degree, in order to assist and support people with designing their ideal lives for themselves. I can only say, it is awesome what I have watched happening, and magic is happening once a person decides to show up for her one and only, unique life. Enjoy it!