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Thursday, May 8, 2014

My Friend Without an Answering Maching

A dear childhood friend of mine could be seen as missing today´s abundance that technology has to offer. She does not use the computer at home at all (only at work). She does not do e-mail, Facebook, or even Google. She only got a cell phone for emergencies since the birth of her children AND her landline at home does not have an answering machine. 

How is this possible? Surely it must be because of missing funds, resulting in disadvantages in life for her. Well, I have never seen a more focused person, never complaining, always happy to see you and stop and chat. Within 4 years, she and her husband have had 3 children (ages 4, 2,5, 1). They also designed, built and moved into their unbelievably beautiful home, including sauna and spa area, guest living area, hosted several friends for days at a time AND opened up their own pharmacy (they are both pharmacists).

I find this the very best example of what focus can get us. It is also a great reminder that modern day life has so many time wasters that we might engage in mindlessly. So, instead of being on Facebook, my friend enjoys hosting her friends in her beautiful home. Instead of spending time on e-mail or engaging in phone tag, my friend communicates directly and sticks to the plans she made with others. With her, you know that she won´t cancel in the last minute because "something else came up". Unless it is an emergency, she will be there. She never engages in gossip either. Rather than doing that, she is interested in whomever she is speaking with. She enjoys running their pharmacy and helping people lead healthy lives.

She exudes a strong sense of presence with everything she does and is not plagued by constantly re-evaluating and deciding. Her husband and her discuss their future plans, then go about reaching them.

If you ask her, she will tell you that it was a little much to have the kids, build a house and move and open up a pharmacy all within a short period of time. But "you are in it and go on with it", she comments light heartedly.

I believe, this was all possible, because they do not have an answering machine. People who are close know when they can be reached. Others would most likely only take away their precious time anyway. Now that is bold, and I like it. I am not ready to disable my answering machine, but I do intend to simplify my phone situation by reducing the number of lines and devices. I did ditch Twitter and Instagram and instead I am checking on our bees in our back yard. Lots of buzz there…..