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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Time Well Spent

Time. It is the precious resource nowadays. Now, my last blog entry is not over 15 months ago because I was racing through life with a filled schedule, I have had my time out that sets my priorities in life straight and gives my adrenal system a much needed rest.
Who ever read the book "Momo" knows the gray, suit-wearing and cigar smoking "agents" of the time bank, who convince people to put time in the bank now so they would have time later. Except, the agents are frauds who live off time that they roll up and smoke like cigars. The people who saved time in the time bank never get it back and keep hurrying through life. Sounds familiar, doesn´t it. So many things beckon, luring us to invest our time in them.

During my last visit to the beautiful country side in Austria (again - Sound of Music quality), I was at first struggling with the limited and super slow internet connection. After all, I love the internet and I do a lot of my work with the help of it. But pretty soon I learned to cope with it and I let go. Wow, I had so much more time! Time to ask myself, how I was actually doing and feeling; time to wonder what really matters to me in life and to assess how well I am doing going after my priorities.

After three weeks my heart started to sing. I was well reacquainted with myself (in a stressful daily life I often lose that connection), and I felt ready to tackle the buzzing city life again with fervor and a good dose of conviction and humor. I know it is easy to think that "idle" time, or non-productive time equals wasted time. But I have experienced it often enough to form a firm belief that it is essential for us to take time out in order to be and stay productive. Priorities get re-affirmed, and it is easy to let go of all the time and energy wasting non-important things in our life. They might appear urgent, but if they are ultimately not important, why invest precious life-time?

Have fun going for your own priorities in life and with leaving out the chatter, the fillers, the time-eaters.