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Friday, November 26, 2010

Giving Thanks

I have heard doctors call Gratitude the most powerful medicine there is. I can only agree, having experienced it myself. Also, Gratitude and being thankful is not to be underestimated, considered too easy or not worth it. It is all a matter of perspective, for sure.

There are several aspects about Gratitude. Today I want to get into comparing the power of Gratitude to the power of a painkiller. Whereas I am not someone who takes medication lightly and tries to make do without any as much as possible, I have had my share of physical pain to endure. I learned that hanging in there without the help of painkillers is not always the shortest way to recovery. The pain itself stiffens the muscles around the hurt area so much that it hinders the healing process. The tight muscles from the pain become a problem themselves. Taking a pain killer at that point helps the body to focus on healing and gives it a break from the devastating sensations of pain. The healing process can take its course.

With Gratitude it is much the same. No matter where we are, there will always be things that could be much better, if we compare ourselves "upward", or things to be grateful for if we compare ourselves "downward". The thing about shifting awareness toward the things we are missing in life, that could be bigger, better, faster, more, is that it hurts. It makes us feel little, out of place, somewhat broken, we contract. This is a painful place to be in and certainly not a mindset that encourages any kind of healing, creating or growth.

Gratitude helps us relax into who we are, where we are at. It brightens our day by being able to see our blessings. It helps us think in possibilities and options, we expand, are able to create and use our potential. It all starts with Gratitude, with being thankful for what is, with feeling blessed, looked after, protected, supported, connected. From that comes so much more of something that we aspire to have, be, experience.

The most powerful medication there is!

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